Break Down SOC Silos

  Anvilogic is purpose-built to break down SOC silos and move security from a blocker to helping to accelerate and align to business priorities. By automating the detection lifecycle you can gain visibility of complex interactions across different systems to correlate seemingly unrelated events. […]

1 Common Reason Your SOC Might have Alert Fatigue

Better correlate and automate container runtime policies to reduce noise leveraging Anvilogic’s Detection Automation. Correlate Container Runtime Policies To Reduce Noise Anvilogic makes it easy to quickly determine what policies and alerts are actionable Even if you’re collecting runtime policies from security tools, such […]

The Missing Link for Workflow Automation in the SOC

Deliver SOC efficiency so you can spend time on things that actually matter Cloud security platforms can offer a lot of value for your Security Operations Center(SOC), but seamlessly integrating them into your environment and existing processes/workflows can be difficult and time-consuming. Adopting more […]

Shining Light on Detecting Darkside

Detecting Patterns of Ransomware with Anvilogic Detection Automation Platform As Ransomware groups continue to aggressively target organizations and dominate the news cycle, it can be easy to fall prey to the “Detect Ransomware” mindset.  Already in 2021, there have been over 20 reported ransomware […]

Anvilogic Wins Multiple Global InfoSec 2021 Awards

Anvilogic named Editor’s Choice Cybersecurity Startup of the Year, and two other awards at the 2021 Cyber Defense Global InfoSec Awards   We are happy to announce that Anvilogic won three awards from The 2021 Cyber Defense Global InfoSec Awards. This is Cyber Defense Magazine’s […]

The simplicity of advanced correlation using Anvilogic’s Scenario Creation

For far too long Security Operation Centers have struggled to find that perfect balance of efficacy in alerting while trying to maintain an acceptable threshold of alerts firing into their SEIM. Today, we’re going to be looking into a research article for a FIN6 […]

Webinar: How to ensure your SOC is living up to its true potential


Day in a life of a SOC Team

Watch as, security experts who have lived through the SOC chaos and lived to tell the tales of lessons learned, best practices, funny stories, “Oh Sh*%” moments, and what they wished they’d known. Whether you’re building SOC teams, tooling, detections, or dealing with [Insert […]

Reduce Log Ingestion SOC Fatigue: A Detection-First Approach

Effective breach detection and threat hunting in the SOC depends on collecting many logs and alerts from a wide variety of infrastructure and applications, including clients and servers, networks, email and clouds, and the wide variety of security solutions deployed in the enterprise. There […]

Fast-breaking attacks wearing you down?

Sunburst, RansomExx, Hafnium, and whatever is next? Agility in your detection engineering process will be your savior. SOC practitioners know that the threat landscape is as complex and fast-breaking as it has ever been, and attackers are increasingly more well-funded than ever, and therefore […]