Anvilogic Wins Multiple Cybersecurity Awards at RSA Conference 2022

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (RSA Conference) ‒ June 7, 2022 ‒ Anvilogic, a cybersecurity modern Security Operations Platform for Threat Detection, Investigation and Response company, today announced it won two awards at the RSA Conference: Global InfoSec Award for Most Innovative Threat Detection, Incident Response, […]

Anvilogic and Snowflake Partner to Modernize Security Operations

Anvilogic’s modern security operations platform now integrates with Snowflake to help unify siloed security data and alerts. The Snowflake-Anvilogic partnership prepares the SOC for new and future cloud workloads and delivers the visibility security teams need to quickly detect, hunt, triage, and respond to […]

Save Time and Quiet the Noise, Turn Indicators of Compromise into Behavioral, Pattern-Based Detections in Minutes

Catch the On-Demand webinar here in case you missed it or read on for an overview. You’re a Security Engineer, and after a long week you have plans to meet your buddies for your weekly happy hour, which lately you’ve missed a lot thanks […]

Whitepaper: Forge Threat Detection Success at the Pyramid Apex

ABSTRACT Sequenced behavioral-based detections Singular atomic-based detections have been the foundation for threat detection in security operation centers (SOCs); however, atomic-based detections alone are not enough – the concept has proven unreliable, yielding noisy detections with short operational lifespans. The pyramid of pain categorizes […]

On-Demand Webinar: Don’t Let a Headline Alert Get in The Way of Happy Hour

Do you have noisy alerts that never tell you anything, but the detection needs to keep alerting you? How fast can you respond when your CISO asks if you’re covered for the latest headline exploit? Are your malicious document execution rules too noisy? Security […]

The Conti Leaks emphasize the need for detection based on threat behaviors

To understand and help identify specific security activities of interest, single indicators of compromise (IOCs) are vital. However, since it’s a singular part of a larger narrative they fall short of providing organizations with reliable, scalable and maintainable defense strategies. The creation of detection […]

Join the (Re)evolution of Security

It is rare to have the chance to pick the brains of so many security experts at one time, but that is just what happened in our latest webinar, Join the (Re)evolution of Security: Make Security Part of Your Business Vernacular. We were lucky […]

Webinar: Join the (Re)evolution of Security

Security has made a name for itself as “important” and “a priority” for businesses, but is it being implemented? Are you ready to be part of the security conversation and know the right questions to ask? As security and business success become synonymous – […]

Anvilogic Video Overview

The AI-Driven, Anvilogic Threat Detection and Incident Response (TDIR) Platform automates the bulk of the SOC detection and hunting workflow, to continuously assess your environment, quickly build and deploy attack-pattern detection – with No- code! Resulting in highly accurate and enriched alerts for faster […]

Webinar: Build your security operations for the long haul: Proactive security starts with detection

Being prepared for the worst outcome while keeping up with the ever-changing business priorities is no small task. The ability to detect threats that you’ve never before seen and being able to prevent vulnerabilities from ever being exploited starts with gaining the visibility needed […]