Top Rating Electronics Retailer


        Maturity Score increased by 258% in the first 30 days



  • Top Rating Electronics Retailer
  • >$400 million annual revenue
  • SIEM = Splunk Enterprise, ES, UBA


  • Deployed and validated a content pack for Credential Dumping and Lateral Movement attack scenarios.
  • Threat Modeling/Maturity Scoring completed to prioritize threat techniques and identified current logging and detection gaps using Automation and Insights.
  • Using Automation, improved parsing and normalization around data feeds for endpoint and proxy.
  • Customer’s Purple Team tested and validated Threat Scenario with attack simulation for Lateral Movement.
  • 8 hours to deploy content that would have taken >324 hours to develop, test and deploy

The data feed mappings in maturity scoring was surprisingly accurate.

-SOC Manager