Cloud-based SaaS Company


        Maturity Score increased by 150% in the first 30 days



  • Publicly traded company
  • 2.5M Users
  • >$375M annual revenue
  • SIEM = Devo


  • Continuous scoring to prioritize and recommend improvements for data onboarding and detection logic.  History of maturity documents improvement
  • Accelerated detection with automation – Out of the box detection logic that converted to Devo to fill in MITRE gaps
  • Added rules identified by the platform that improved coverage on high priority techniques
  • 4 hours to deploy content that would have taken >164 hours to develop, test and deploy*

One of your product wins is your standard out-of-the-box integration capabilities. How you can save cost for customers….there’s no other organization that can do it like this

-SOC Manager