Financial Services

Online Payment Platform


        Maturity Score increased by 275% in the first 30 days



  • Publicly traded company
  • >$100B market cap
  • >$15B annual revenue
  • SIEM = Splunk Enterprise, ES, UBA


  • Embedded framework enabling the building of new advanced content while leveraging proven, atomic content – high-efficacy scenarios
  • Continuous scoring to prioritize and recommend improvements for data onboarding and detection logic.  History of maturity documents improvement
  • Leverage formerly unused yet collected data, e.g., Tanium, in scenario detections leading to net new coverage and hence advancing detection maturity – connecting silo
  • 5.5 hours to deploy content that would have taken >324 hours to develop, test and deploy*

“This is the MOST actionable cyber-security product I have ever seen in a SOC.”

-SOC Manager