Day in a life of a SOC Team - Webinar


Join security experts that have lived through the SOC chaos and live to tell the tales of lessons learned, best practices, funny stories, “Oh Sh*%” moments, and what they wished they’d known.

Whether you’re building SOC teams, tooling, detections or dealing with [Insert SOC buzzword bingo] disparate signals and silos, automation, alert fatigue, late calls from management, dashboards, reducing noise, burnout, expanding attack surface, etc. there is hope to end the chaos.

We’ll discuss why security threats continue to happen over and over with very little differences, and the ways you can begin to become proactive and use the noise to your advantage.


  • A typical day in the life for the SOC (Daily tasks at every tier)
  • Why is alert fatigue still a thing?
  • How to create enriched and actionable alerts?
  • Detection automation and purposeful security
  • What is maturity and how to strengthen it
  • How to successfully hunt and build detections