Our Vision

The SOC world has changed far beyond what current-day tools like SIEMs and SOARs offer. Processes are disjointed because the underlying platforms have not kept up with the SOC workflows of today. Further, silos of data and alerts are forming with the advent of cloud SIEMs in addition to on-premise SIEMs, XDRs, and other workload-specific tools. This makes it harder for organizations to understand their security posture, address gaps and, more importantly, be proactive to respond effectively and promptly. Teams then are disjointed and left to perform manual tasks, leading to high costs and lower-than-desired efficiency.


Our vision is to help the security industry move to the cloud world and deliver what we call “SOC Neutrality”

We believe that all logging will be on a distributed cloud warehouse in the future, and there will be even more silos of alerts and workflows in the SOC (e.g., primary on-premises logging, traditional EDRs/MDRs, traditional network workloads, newer XDRs, newer cloud workloads, etc.).

Anvilogic will become the unified security fabric that delivers total end-to-end SOC automation across silos, successfully delivering detection and hunting capabilities by correlating AI-powered workloads, domain-specific frameworks, and automation. SOC practitioners will be able to be indifferent to the underlying tools, logging, and alert disparities. By enabling SOC teams to only focus on the detection and response recommendations from Anvilogic, they can begin to operate efficiently at the threat detection and hunting layers.