Our Vision

There are organizations with dedicated logging platforms collecting data and building custom detections. There are others who can’t (or won’t) do their own logging. Nor do they write their own detections. Then there are organizations who are a bit of both. In addition, there is a proliferation of cloud workloads and external security products such as those in the XDR/EDR and email security categories.


To manage and operate such a wide range of moving parts, and to deliver value to the SOC without data engineering hassles and freeing them of the burden of manipulating underlying tools and alert disparities, there needs to be a unifying SOC platform which will be agnostic to underlying source or repository, and will just focus on delivering the required SOC value – visibility, detection engineering automation, hunting automation, and triage automation, thus leading to smooth downstream response automation into a ticketing and/or case management platform such as ServiceNow. Further, there is a growing trend to log data and/or alerts into more affordable and scalable, cloud-based data lakes, such as Snowflake, and this trend will be fulfilled by an agnostic but cloud-ready SOC platform. That platform is Anvilogic.


  • No more expensive, non-scalable logging infrastructure
  • No more struggles with data silos
  • No more legacy SIEM




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