AI-Driven, Automated Threat Detection and Incident Response Platform

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Finally, The platform that helps your SOC keep up

Assess & Prioritize

Leverage the AI-driven automated continuous maturity score that provides recommendations based on each environment that helps SOC teams assess, prioritize and make informed decisions to improve and maintain maturity

Detect & Normalize

Force-multiply SOC resources, automate mundane detection engineering tasks and democratize rule development for security analysts through AI-driven automated insights and recommendations that drive SOC efficiencies

Hunt & Triage

Amplify threat detections and easily enrich alerts that are most relevant to more quickly identify, hunt, triage & respond – while leveraging the code-less detection builder to quickly create higher efficacy pattern-based detections

The Anvilogic Automated Threat Detection and Incident Response Platform

Helps unify everything from SOC maturity, data gaps, workflows, alerts, trending threats, and detection coverage –¬† Get both valuable insights and the roadmap to continuously assess, detect, automate and respond

The Security Foundation Your SOC Always Needed

Breakdown the SOCy Silos

Security Operation Centers generate massive amounts of chaotic signals. Signals generated by workflows, tools, applications, servers, networks, endpoints, EDR, Cloud, customer alerts, and the like – creating silos leading to a disjointed SOC

Democratize Your SOC

Keep Up with the SOC Chaos

Unifying your unstructured security signals into one SOC platform enables teams to gain insights and recommendations of your unique environment – to quickly and confidently take action and make decisions as fast as the changing business & threat landscape

The Platform Capabilities

Customer Case Studies

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Top Rating Electronics Retailer

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