Threat Hunting and Triage


Optimize your SOC for better hunting & triage

Comprehensive Hunting

Get more valuable detections to hunt leveraging sequence adversarial pattern detection to give you the full narrative across multiple detections to better identify and respond to threats

Detection Accuracy

Continuously improve and automate detections to proactively hunt threats and automate across the containment and hunting processes

Enhance Triage

Rich threat hunting, triage, and response experience that allows multiple SOC personas to respond quickly and effectively

Threat hunting is an iterative process

Bring together alerts to determine adversary patterns in hard-to-find places

Stop threats before adversaries start developing and utilizing new tactics and techniques. Through adversarial pattern sequencing, you can build a narrative across millions of logs in minutes to determine if alerts are viable without needing to spend hours a day trying to find other events associated with the alerts.

The Anvilogic Automated Threat Detection and Incident Response Platform

Visualize attack patterns using our “Events of Interest” hunting framework that allows you to research suspicious activity from use cases across multiple frameworks like MITRE and Cyber Kill Chain

Stop spending time trying to manually piece together a story

Visualize alert patterns

  • Visualize all alerts and suspicious disparate activity patterns using MITRE, Cyber Kill Chain, ICS, and other enrichment
  • Sequence threat patterns and visualize alerts at scale using Anvilogic content frameworks and data models
  • Easily add new attack patterns to detections that can be used to stop future threats



Determine viability of your alerts

Threat detection sequencing

  • Correlate alerts with objects of interest, including persistent threats
  • Create pattern detections in minutes with no-code scenario builder
  • Narrow down and make sense of an alert narrative across all alerts to drill-down on a specific alert


Improve your triage process

Quickly hunt and triage

  • Automatically synchronize content metadata & contextual enrichment for effective detection and alerting
  • Auto deploy saved searches with the click of a button and leverage threat priorities to scope engagements
  • Adopt repeatable processes to re-evaluate and validate hunting and triage process with formalized frameworks

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