Modern Security Operations Platform

Automated Threat Detection and Incident Response

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Trends in Modern Security Operations: What Makes SOC Modernization Mission Critical

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6 Ways to Modernize Your Security Operations

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Understand and Control Your Threat Coverage

Continually Measure & Assess

Quickly identify coverage and data gaps through continuous maturity scoring and navigation with AI-Driven recommendations mapped to the MITRE ATT&CK framework.

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Improve Detection Efficiency & Efficacy

Automated detection engineering

Squash your backlog and reduce the time to create and deploy pattern-based detections with no-code, with out-of-the-box threat detection content based on frameworks, like MITRE ATT&CK.

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Enhance Your Hunting Practices

Hunt for known & unknown patterns

Augment your detections with AI-Driven hunting to find suspicious behavioral attack-patterns and quickly deploy related detections.

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Reduce Time to Triage & Respond

Simplify and sharpen investigations

Automate the manual efforts of alert tuning, allowlisting and triage observations through visualizing alert attack patterns and timelines on custom or standard frameworks, like Cyber Kill Chain.

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Automate Alert Collection & Normalization

Correlate across disparate vendor & cloud alerts

Automatically ingest, normalize and correlate alerts from EDR, email security and cloud workloads. One-step integration for ticketing and case management in ServiceNow, Jira etc.

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Modernize Your SOC Architecture

Become cloud-ready

Decouple security operations and analytics from underlying log repos, correlate across traditional and cloud workloads at ease, and phase out legacy SIEMs.

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Security with a chance of clouds. Are you Ready?


Do you have siloed data and tools across your hybrid, multi-cloud, and other data lakes?

Start to minimize data ownership costs and empower your security team to automatically detect and respond to the incidents that matter most across your unique attack surfaces. Anvilogic meets your data where it’s at and queries your data within and across your platforms, only correlating the alerts that matter. Enabling your security team to focus on high-fidelity alerts and not configuring tools.

Anvilogic for Splunk

Reduce the Complexity


Gain better enrichment, detection, hunting, and triage with Anvilogic for Splunk. With hundreds of ready-to-deploy behavioral detections and a no-code detection builder, more easily manage your overall security operations. ML-driven recommendations help teams reduce noisy alerts and take immediate action.

Anvilogic for Splunk
Anvilogic for Snowflake

Lower Costs & Scale Faster


Gain a cost-effective and consistent way to transition your data from expensive data monoliths to new data platforms, while enhancing detection efficacy. Anvilogic provides a uniform detection and response platform across Snowflake and your other hybrid or multi-cloud platforms and limits the impact on your security operations.

Anvilogic for Snowflake
Integrations for Anvilogic

Integrations for Modern Security

Better prepare your security operations to easily ingest new data sources at lower costs and correlate security data and tools across hybrid, multi-cloud, data lakes. An automated feed analysis provides recommendations of data feed coverage, gaps, and improvements to help reduce unnecessary data ingest providing cost savings.

Integrations for Anvilogic



No matter the architecture, Anvilogic is your SOC platform


“Anvilogic provided the necessary threat detection automation for our SOC, adding a significant force-multiplier advantage for my team.”

– Lucas Moody, CISO


Security Teams investing in their future


No more legacy SIEM. Time for a Modern approach.

Democratize security across your hybrid, multi-cloud, and other data lakes.

Anvilogic is an AI-Driven SOC platform for threat detection and incident response that helps to unify and automate security operations across people, processes, and technology enabling security teams to reduce time, manual effort, complexity, and expertise needed for building detections and managing your overall SOC – through AI-driven recommendations and frameworks continuously assess, prioritize, detect, hunt, and triage to quickly mitigate risk.

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Customer Case Studies

Awards & Recognition


Anvilogic Wins Multiple Cybersecurity Awards at RSA Conference 2022

Cybersecurity Modern SOC Platform for Threat Detection, Investigation and Response Named Winner of 10th Annual Global InfoSec Award and 2022 Fortress Cyber Security Awards.

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