Anvilogic for Snowflake

Unify threat detection and enable security teams to detect, hunt, triage and respond across hybrid, multi-cloud environments and security data lakes

Anvilogic SOC Platform

6 ways to modernize your security operations with Anvilogic and Snowflake

Security Ecosystem

Easily migrate data & detections to Snowflake

Leverage predefined and vetted Snowflake worksheets to automatically onboard new cloud logs to Snowflake and migrate existing data sources, like AWS, CrowdStrike, Windows, and Linux from other hybrid and multi-cloud data repositories, along with necessary detections to Snowflake

Prepare for new & future cloud workloads

Enable your security team to simplify tool complexity and easily detect, hunt, triage and respond across old and future workloads without needing to be cloud experts

Unify detections across data sources & alerts

Anvilogic Unified Search queries logs directly in Snowflake and other log data sources from hybrid, multi-cloud and data lakes and vendor alerts to then normalize, tag, and enrich your alerts and signal to easily correlate alerts and deploy detections

Gain detection efficacy & faster response

Gain insights and efficacy through centralized detection, hunting, and triage interface that provides uniform detection and response across Snowflake and legacy data monoliths

Gain visibility & automated threat detection

Visualize alerts across various frameworks like MITRE ATT&CK, Kill Chain, and more with Anvilogic Event Summary Dashboard, powered by Snowflake. Quickly escalate critical alerts for additional triage with spotlight events from Anvilogic’s Automated Threat Detection

Reduce cost & Scale your security for the future

Limit the impact of your hybrid or multi-cloud platforms on your overall security operations by making it easy for new data sources to be ingested into Snowflake. Legacy SIEMs and data monoliths are costly — start to reduce costs by over 50%.

Re-Imagine Your SOC with Anvilogic and Snowflake

Think SIEM. Think Big. Think something else entirely.

All data, alerts, and signals need to be unified across siloed security and organizational data in order to enable hybrid detection and response. Anvilogic’s native integration with Snowflake brings advanced behavioral attack-pattern threat detection across our customer’s data platforms, like Splunk, AWS, Azure, and others. Giving customers the ability to modernize their SOCs with a single, scalable AI-Driven SOC Platform.

“Many security teams have invested time and resources in their SIEM, but struggle with the cost and limitations of using it at cloud scale. These organizations have asked for a solution that will help them extend their existing investments together with the Snowflake Data Cloud, without duplicating interfaces or detection rules. I’m excited for our partnership with Anvilogic delivering just that: flexibility on the underlying data platform in a top-notch SOC platform.”

Omer Singer, Head of Cybersecurity Strategy at Snowflake

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Adopt a Snowflake Security Data Lake with no stress 

  • Anvilogic handles schema definition, parsing, extraction, and normalization to support security use cases and provide production-ready detections to deploy in a few hours, not days.
  • ML-Driven recommendations for migrating data and detections to Snowflake for improved detection efficacy and cost optimization, as well as, help assess and prioritize detections.
  • Better correlate alerts and reduce the impact on overall security operations, and reduce mean-time-to-detect and respond to threats.




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