Cybersecurity Automated Threat Detection and Incident Response


Automate Your Security Threat Detection and Incident Response

Force-Multiply Security

Automate detection to your SIEM using version controlled best practices to deliver high-efficacy threat detection coverage

Improve Detection

Reduce time in building complex, re-usable use cases, easy to implement workflows, frameworks, and API

Faster Response

Flexibility to quickly build and deploy attack-pattern detection, resulting in highly accurate & enriched alerts for automated triage & response

Increase detection coverage like a boss

What is a Security Automated Threat Detection and Incident Response (TDIR) Platform?

A security automated TDIR platform is comprised of security workflows and frameworks to help break down security workflow silos and disjointed gaps between people, processes, and technology in the SOC. Automating your threat detection and incident response makes it easier for SOC teams to analyze and normalize their entire security ecosystems to quickly identify any threat patterns.

Leverage your existing resources

The automated Anvilogic TDIR platform provides frameworks that fit directly into your cybersecurity operations lifecycle, no matter what level of maturity, to help create an end-to-end security foundation for a more efficient and effective SOC

Structured Frameworks for Unstructured Workflows

Automatically deploy rules

  • Automate deployment of detection code to your SIEM using version controlled best practices
  • Leverage and amplify detection engineering with frameworks
  • Reduce human errors and significantly improve efficiency around the rule development process

Force-Multiply your security detections

Increase detection coverage

  • Leverage thousands of ready-to-deploy use cases and detections to cover your threat priorities
  • Get AI-assisted recommendations in a prioritized order across various phases of the development lifecycle to reduce human effort and automatically assess what detections come next
  • Implement reusable use cases using interactive UI to reduce the time it takes to building complex detections

Stop the SOCy burnout

Assess threat detection patterns

  • Reduce alert volume and increase efficacy by using the interactive code-less threat scenario builder
  • Standardize alerts from various security tools into a common structure
  • Improve data hygiene by using code to enrich and normalize existing data sets

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